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    Welcome to VIP EYE LASER CENTER !

    Are you ready to Permanently Change your Eye Color with Latest and Best Laser Surgery ?

    VIP ®EYELASER  is the most effective laser technology on the world to change the color of the eyes, in a safe, efficient and predictable method. 

    We have World first and best eye color change process with new developed iris laser = 8G+VIP ®EYELASER 

    VIP ®EYELASER  is a method that is applied personally. It was developed by Dr.METE.

    VIP ®EYELASER ,  More secure and More controlled laser techonolgy is developed with best (laser rates, method, different wave size, selectivity etc.). The success rate can reach up to %99 on average.

    Why Choose Us?

    We Have Best Professional Team To Care Your Eyes

    What’s the price for eye color change laser procedure?



    What colour will my eyes be? Can I choose the color?

    NO, this choice can’t be done before. It is not known which colour your eye will be after the procedure!VIP EYE LASER method stimulates the cells that give the colour of black-brown to iris in our pupils and after the dark-colored cells falls and naturally the colours of blue, hazel, grey and green that exist in your genetic emerge. In other words, it is your pigment cells laying below that define the colour, thereby, it is not known which colour will your eyes be before laser.(**it is not certain, however, our observations show that eyes who consist of dark brown, intense pigment have the potential of turning into more grey or hazel, eyes who have dark green, light color pigment have the potential of turning into blue or green.)Color change in the eye varies depending upon the resistance that current coloured pigments.

    Do I feel any pain or discomfort during VIP EYE LASER ? When will I be able to get back to work?

    You don’t feel anything expect a tiny touchy feeling during laser, you won’t feel uncomfortable. After the laser application the patient can turn her/his daily life. Generally, there are no big changes before and after laser in your life, in addition to this, it is recommend for you to stay away from intense activity.

    How safe is Vip Eye Laser or Classic Lumineyes, are there any risks?

    This laser method is only by opthalmology specialist doctor/optalmolog/eye disease specialist whose surgical management and experience are at high level and who have many experiences in this field. For now, this procedure is made wth a special laser device in a couple of centers in the world.Long term results show that Vip Eye Laser method is safe and our specialists carry out this method successfully. This method that we have just developed is more secure, more effective and problem-free unlike Classic Lumineyes.

    How many sessions can i do inside 4 – 6 months?

    More than 10 sessions inside 4-6 months can be dangerous to your eyes.You should wait 6 months after you can continue your next sessions
    • The operations are performed personally by Dr. Mete 
    • Only One Or Two Patients A Day,We offer a VIP service.
    • We use the latest, proven and safe worldwide Laser  techniques.
    • We have many years experience in eye surgery and happy patients from over 12 different countries (Europe, Russia, USA).
    • Correctness and guarantee for our all operations
    • We make a careful selection of patients who are suitable for eye laser surgery and ensure correctness of the outcome of the procedure

    Important warning:

    Unfamiliar, amateur places, false clinics, fake doctors , fake videos , fake results and which are treated by low prices, with the regular lasers which are not suitable for iris pigmentation, unsecure wavelength, can damage your eyes….
    Your eyes are more valuable than your money!

    Before the choosing clinic or doctor, we strongly recommend you

    Patients Should Ask These Questions :

    1.Who will evaluate my eye color change surgery and recommend a course

    of treatment? What is their education, training, licensure and experience in surgery?

    2.Who will be involved in performing my surgery, what role will they play and what is their education?

    3.Are the results  real ? (Without Photoshop or Video montage )

    4.What is the name of doctor? What is the cv of doctor? Is the doctor real or not ?

    Our Eye Services

    Our Services To Give Best Care For Your Eyes


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