Do you want to change the color of your eye? This article is just for you!

Nowadays, there are very few resources and information available about the eye color change surgery and existing sources are either wrong or missing ..

When you search from the internet, there are sites and resources which claim that the eye color change surgery is too dangerous or people could be 100% blind after the surgery. None of these resources carry a scientific and academic value, it is seen that the only purpose of them is to get hits from the internet. 90% of the existing images are made with photoshop or  images are made with colored lenses. That’s why, we think that we should put this information pollution and fears aside and  it will be useful to enter into more scientific and structural issues related to eye color change surgery.

EYE COLOR CHANGE SURGERY1.As with any surgical operation, there are some risks in this operation and have you ever heard a risk-free surgical procedure in the world?

As an example, when one of 100 people who have undergone this eye color change surgery have been exposed to bad results or side effects and as this kind of things carry news value, it directly becomes a subject of news and moved to headlines, published to get hits from internet sites but actually it’s not like that. Now let’s bring a little bit more clarity to this topic with questions and answers. What do you think?

2.Is Eye Color Change Surgery really too dangerous?

No, we can say that eye color change surgery is as risky and dangerous as every aesthetic or interventional surgery in the world. There are no studies showing that it is more dangerous than other surgical operations in scientific or verbal manner.

3.Which eye color change surgery is dangerous or what is the difference between them?

As Vip Eye Laser, we do not recommend intraocular implant and silicone surgery to our patients. 90% of patients with complications experience complications due to intraocular implants and silicone and these effects become very dangerous over time. Logically, it is certain that a foreign substance placed in the eye will eventually damage the structure of the eye. This is seen in every aesthetic surgery performed in the world. Any substance that is mounted from outside to the body and does not belong to it, will be forced to be excreted by the organism over time and scientific studies also show this very clearly.

 These do not happen with Eye Color Change with Lazer Method. With this method, there is no foreign object or prosthesis or silicon-like interference to the body. On the contrary, the pigments contained in the eye are safely treated with the Vip Eye Laser to minimize risk. Of course, the laser method and the doctor’s experience and method of surgery is very important here.

4.What methods are available in Eye Color Change Surgery?

At the present time, there are operations such as intraocular implant surgery and eye color change with silicone operations and eye color change with  laser surgery.

5.What is the difference between existing methods?

Eye color change surgery with laser is more safer and more stable compared to intraocular implant surgery and surgery with silicone. Because the process is made without putting a foreign matter which does not belong to your body into your eye and without damaging the anatomy of the eye.

Implants used to change the color of the eyes distort the anatomy of the eyes and make them more open to complications  in the future. For example, the silicone process placed in the chest causes a number of problems over time,  in the same way, it is possible that intraocular implants will also cause problems in the future.

This is why eye color change with laser is much safer than the intraocular implants and the results are natural and permanent.

6.Which type of laser method is more safe and effective?

As Vip Eye Laser, we use the latest technology Vip Eye Laser method, 8G laser technology developed by Dr.Mustafa Mete.

Today, it is seen that wavelengths of old laser technologies which damage the eyes and the laser type can cause almost the same dangers which intraocular  implants can cause. The techniques mentioned in the news which create visual problems in many people are the silicon injected into the eye and iris implants. In this regard you have to see the distinction .

EYE COLOR CHANGE SURGERY7.What should we pay attention to in Eye Color Change with Laser Surgery?

First of all, the physician’s experience and infrastructure are absolutely important.

Patients must ask themselves these questions before going to the laser process:

  1. Who is the doctor who applies the procedure? Are their resumes and references available?
  2. How long has the doctor been performing this procedure? How was his experience?

3.How are his results?

4.Is the doctor performing the procedure authorized to perform this procedure?

5.Most important of all, the person who appllies this process is really a doctor?

Unfortunately, so far there are fake doctors seen in Turkey also as in many countries in the world. These people hide their real photos and identities when they are doing business using fake foreign physician names.

You can’t see the address or real pictures of these people. They hide themselves, their only purpose is to find a foreign patient and earn money. This is unethical. We remind our patients to stay away from these people and not to trust that kind of people who set up a website and hide themselves like that. We have many articles about this subject in our site.

Here, the patient has to do his own duty and homework well. The patients have to analyze the clinic and the doctor which they will choose and they should not rely on fake pictures and videos and results that are only available on the Internet. If necessary they should ask the diploma and resume of the doctor and have to ask for his real photos and name.

Considering that there is a lot of assembly and photoshop technology in today’s technology, this issue should be paid attention.

8.What is eye color change surgery with Vip Eye Laser?

The method we use is the latest, most effective and safe laser technology used in the world. Different than other lasers, the individual custom wavelengths are adjusted to provide maximum safety and the number of sessions are determined according to the color of the eye.

9.Is it possible to choose the color of my eyes in the Eye Color Change with Laser Technique?

Logically this is not possible. The reason is that each person’s eye color has a different pigment ratio and structure.Each individual has a different rate of responding to lasers.It gives results according to Iris structure and eye pigment density of the person.

In patients with very dark eyes with very intense dark pigment, the eye color change period is longer therefore it may require more sessions. In summary, every patient will absolutely get results but the color of whose eye will be blue or green will be apparent after a scanning and during and after the operation but as we repeat, each patient’s eye colors will be lighten and they will have a result.

You can choose your eye color in intraocular implants, but the results are not natural like the results occured in eye color change operation with laser.

10.What are the differences between the eye color change with the Vip Eye Laser and the eye color change with the intraocular implants?

As previously stated,

1.The risk is minimal in surgeries performed with Vip Eye Laser.

2.The results are much more natural in surgeries performed with Vip Eye Laser.

  1. With the surgery with Vip Eye laser, the laser is adjusted according to the person and the operation is made maximum useful and safe.
  2. Whom you can not apply Vip Eye Laser Method?

This method cannot be applied to:

Patients with uncontrolled diabetes , Glaucoma patients, Iridocyclitis and Uveitis patients, patients with severe rheumatic disorders , patients with iris absence from birth , patients who have high expectations and who believe in non-realistic abnormal results seen on the internet, patients with unstable psychosocial status, patients with panic attacks, patients with negative thoughts.

EYE COLOR CHANGE SURGERY12.How does Eye Color Change occur with the Laser method?

Generally,  after 7 sessions with Vip Eye Laser the color of your eyes become lighter slowly slowly. Of course, to reach a full conclusion, a minimum period of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months is required. The final result will emerge 6 months later. During this time, we recommend you to be patient and positive because laser treatment can be repeated in cases where the patient is dissatisfied, so this process requires patience and the results can be corrected.

Results with Vip Eye Laser are natural. As with other eye color changing methods, your eyes will not look as if they were wearing colored contact lenses and will not bother you.

13.What are the risks in Eye Color Change Surgery?

There are a number of risks same as each surgery, but these risks are not more than any aesthetic surgery but it must be done with absolutely accurate and effective laser technology and the doctor performing the procedure should be well known and trusted.

As Vip Eye Laser, we use the 8G laser technology developed by Dr.Mustafa Mete. Risks are at minimum levels and we have patients from all over the world. For many years, we have been providing a reliable service to many patients.

To summarize the subject, there is no need to worry if you have decided on surgery to change your eye color. If you have found a truly experienced physician and an effective laser method, the risks are minimal.

For this reason, you should make a decision and leave the information pollution on the Internet aside and make a healthy decision.90% of the information available on the Internet is wrong and does not carry any scientific academic value.

Results published on our site and patients are 100% real. In time we will give more space to these results so that you have found the answer to the questions that you have in your mind and you will leave your worries aside.

Especially because eye color change surgery is a very new method, it is not known well by people yet, so this leads to information pollution.

In this process, you can read us all the issues written on our site carefully and you can consult us if you have any issues in mind.